Hardware Stores Make Way for Spring, Still Keeping up with Winter

- HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Mother Nature hasn't exactly been kind to us this winter. Between the frigid temps, snow storms, and ice piled up, many residents have been looking for ways to clean up, and stay warm.

But if you walk into a hardware store, like the Home Depot, you might be surprised to find they're getting ready for spring.

But they're still trying to keep up with the demands of winter.

"Salt and wood pellets are your biggest want right now and your biggest need because of how cold it's been," said Jesse Hill, Department Manager of the Home Depot on Garland Groh Blvd. in Hagerstown.

Generators, salt, and other essential winter weather tools are not necessarily being stocked at this point.

"We have tons of shovels, we have scrapers, everything for snow, we're good to go. It's the ice and the heat that there are shortages of right now because it's a much stronger winter than it has been in years past," Hill said.

Shelves normally filled with winter supplies are pretty bare, but Hill said that's normal as they prepare for spring.

"It is normal. Usually we even have patio out. We've decided to hold back on the patio at least in this store, because of the weather," he said.

But they'll continue to stay on top of what Mother Nature brings our way.

"A lot of it is going to depend on how long the winter lasts. Last year we had the late snow storms, and that's where we had a lot of the problems. It's going to come down to Mother Nature. If mother nature's nice to us, we'll be ok, if mother nature decides to give us more cold spells, then that's where we'll have the shortages," said Hill.

Employees with the home depot said they still have all of the essential winter weather supplies, they've been getting them from more southern stores, and they'll continue to stock what they call "warm" supplies like wood pellets and kindling.

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