Harpers Ferry National Historic Park Famous for Floods

HARPERS FERRY, WV - One thing Hurricane Sandy should be known for is its floods. One historic park has dealt with some of the worst in the past.

Damaging rainfall is no surprise to the Harpers Ferry National Historic Park.

"We have had to repair parts of buildings, trails a lot, millions of dollars of damage," says David Fox, park ranger of Harpers Ferry.

The park has been well-known for its past floods, with its strongest one dating back to 1936.

"Harpers Ferry has flooded many times in the past and it is in the flood plain, much of the national park and the city," adds Fox.

As areas prepare for the Hurricane Sandy, Fox said he has seen it all.

Harpers Ferry will still be on full alert with dispatchers on duty and computers hooked up to national and regional offices for fast communication.

"Right now, the forecast may be kind to us and the rivers are nice and low so it could be worse," adds Fox.

With its memorable floods becoming a visitor attraction, the park even has a noticeable platform, displaying its highest and lowest water levels.

"They are simply high water marks and if you think of the damage in the area and the lives that were lost, then it's probably a priceless exhibit," adds Fox.

The park is closed until further notice.

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