Hazmat Situation in Morgan County Resolved

MORGAN COUNTY, W.Va. - Hazmat crews were called to the U.S. Silica plant Tuesday afternoon due to a large hazardous leak. They say it has officially been repaired. 

Crews left the scene around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night, and they say a Clean Up Contractor arrived on scene to finish repairing the piping. The leak was in a building involving two different types of hazardous materials. 

Dispatch says there is a large leak in a building involving three different types of hazardous material, "sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide and petroleum sulfonate." 

Although there was the danger approximately 53,000 lbs could spill, crews say they remained focused and worked quickly through the night. 

Initially Rt. 522 was briefly shut down Tuesday, but Hazmat crews determined it was safe to reopen the roadway. 

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