HCC Molds Young Minds Through Harry Potter Class

- HAGERSTOWN, Md. - They spent much of the day making potions, playing Quidditch and studying the history of magic.

If any of these words ring a bell, it's in reference to the well-known wizard, Harry Potter.

Hagerstown Community College held its seasonal Harry Potter class, designed to keep childrens' minds and bodies active while they are out of school.

"Kids who are less engaged in doing active activities tend to actually lose like two to three marking periods worth of knowledge every summer," said Sheila Mount, Hagerstown Community College for Kids teacher.

To make it fun, a little wizardry theme certainly did not hurt either.

As for some kids, they have been long-time Harry Potter fans.

"I just like the adventure, and I love reading so it's just great for me," said Grace S., student.

"I got really interested in them and I started watching it and watching it everyday and then when I was in fourth grade, and I could go to Harry Potter camp, I was like 'Yes!' ", said Gracie M., student.

However, it has not been all fun and games throughout the day. The kids said the book and movies have also taught them a lesson they will not forget.

Grace S. said, "A quote from Dumbledore is 'Dreams can take you over the highest mountain and sail over the longest sea.' "

If you have missed signing up for this class, there will be more different themed classes coming up. For a list, click here.



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