Health Care Seminar Aims to Clarify Affordable Care Act


LIBERTYTOWN, Md.— One local resident is trying to make the Affordable Care Act a little easier to understand for people in her community.

Mary Beth Terrell of Libertytown, Maryland organized a health care seminar at Saint Peter the Apostle Church Sunday.

"We felt like there's a lot of misinformation, and a lot of people that need that information might not have been aware of where to get that information," said Terrell.

She brought in representatives from western Maryland contractors Healthy Howard and Door to Health to explain the ACA and more specifically, Maryland’s health insurance exchange.

"This is the avenue that you have to use to get your insurance,” said Terrell. “Because if you just go to a private insurer to get insurance, you're not going to qualify for the tax credits and stuff that are built in."

The event was open to all community members, and those who went learned about things like Medicare eligibility, coverage plans, and financial assistance for insurance.

Terrell, who is a parish nurse, says events like this are important because they provide community members with the knowledge they need to get the right health insurance plan.

"You hear about people who are dealing with health issues that don't have insurance and the crisis that that puts on their finances,” said Terrell. “So I’m just aware that the community needs to know what this really is and how it works and how they can access it."

The seminar focused specifically on Maryland's health insurance exchange rather than the federal market.

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