Healthier Hearts with Red Wine & Dark Chocolate

HAGERSTOWN, MD - At Meritus Medical Center there was a splash of wine, a chocolate fountain and a room full men and women in red to celebrate healthier hearts.

"When you think about a crushing pain in the chest that men have sometimes women could have different symptoms that are much more subtle like a stomach ache like a back ache," says Jesus Cepero, Meritus Health.

Health experts from Meritus Medical Center say one in three women will get heart disease. Uncontrollable risk factors are heredity, diabetes and age, especially for women 65 and older.

"The ones that we can control are smoking, high cholesterol, high-fat diet, sedentary lifestyle, which means not exercising and being overweight, and of course, high blood pressure if it goes untreated," says Pam Peitz, Meritus Health.

The special guest speaker for the night, Chris Kraft, is a Johns Hopkins University Certified Sex Therapist.

"What red-blooded American woman is not excited about sex between the sheets," says attendee Karen Dunstan.

Peitz says, "Since this event is largely women, that maybe women would be really interested in hearing him talk and his theme tonight is "Between the Sheets" how to keep sexual intimacy alive."

And perhaps keeping the intimacy alive in the bedroom is another way to promote healthier hearts.

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