High School Bullying Caught on Tape

BRUNSWICK, MD - A high school sophomore who is speaking out about bullying came under assault in front of our cameras.

As Preston Deener got ready for his interview, three boys approached and one began hitting him in the head.

"The student came up to me and pushed me out of the way and said 'What are you recording?'", Preston said. "All of sudden, the student was chasing me and I needed some help.

Deener ran across the street back on to school property.  He was preparing to talk on camera about being bullied at Brunswick.

He's learned to go to the administration when he's bullied, especially after what happened last week, when a student tackled him and he fought back.

But for fighting back, he was suspended for 3 days.

Now his mother is hoping the school will take action against this bully.

"I'm hoping now that they take this more seriously than what they have," says Cheryl Deener.

The school says they are investigating the incident and identifying the students involved.

"A full investigation is step number one, to find out whats going on and what happened," said Michael Doerrer with Frederick County Public Schools.

WHAG immediately shared the video with school administrators and the police.

Preston says he's experienced bullying for years, including cyberbullying on Twitter, which he thinks made the problem worse.

"Preston is very strong but I think he's a little bit shaken up with what happened today," his mother said.

"You've got to have one heart and stand up for someone who's getting bullied and it needs to stop," says Deener.

The school told us they don't comment specifically on bullying cases because of privacy issues.

Preston and his mother are organizing an anti-bullying dance Friday night at the Brunswick City Park building from 8-11 p.m.

The Deener family is asking anyone who wants to attend the event to wear orange or blue, the colors of bullying prevention and awareness.

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