Frederick County Commissioners Approve Monrovia Town Center

- MONROVIA, Md. - The Frederick County commissioners voted 4-1 to approve the Monrovia Town Center project. The plan would build 1,250 homes on 394 acres of rezoned land.

"By law, they met the requirements of the county and state and the federal government so by right, they are entitled to develop that property," said commissioner Bill Shreve.

Although the majority of the county commissioners agree with Shreve, commissioner David Gray voted against the project.

"The massive development is being approved with no identification or demand on the developer for funds for roads," said commissioner Gray. "It's a bleak future for this development. This is going to be a gridlock."

Many Monrovia residents agree with commissioner Gray's logic on the road congestion problems that would surface.

"The increase in traffic is just going to be horrendous. I bought here for the charm of [Monrovia]. I didn't want Urbana, I didn't want Montgomery Village. I wanted Monrovia and now this board is taking this away from us," said Mary Brown, a Monrovia local.

"I understand they're gonna widen the roads. That's gonna take 40 to 50 more feet of our property and its very congested now," said Doug Brown, a Monrovia local.

The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments projects that the number of houses in Frederick County will jump from nearly 84,000 homes to about 92,000 by 2020. To prevent road congestion issues related to the impending population increase, the county commissioners are working with the State Highway Administration and developers to square away road improvement details.

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