Homeschool Creates Unique Opportunities for Frederick Family

FREDERICK COUNTY, MD - Many families in the four state area are getting ready for a new school year, but one family in Frederick is preparing a little differently.

Ashlyn Thomas may look like a typical 13-year-old student flipping through her textbooks. However, this teen is so smart she's skipped a grade and may start taking college classes.

Ashlyn may soon supplement her homeschooling with classes at Frederick Community College. She credits being independent with part of her success.
Ashlyn discusses her school day, "Each day, however long it takes with each subject, it's up to me. If I want to be done by noon, I will hurry up with my studies, or if I want to be done at 4 p.m., I'll take an extremely slow [amount of] time."

The high school freshman knows some people have misconceptions about homeschoolers, but she tries to dispel those "myths."

Her sister, Krista Thomas says, "We do a lot of field trips, museums, historical places on the map. There's just a wide gamete of things you can do all through the year."

The Thomas girls participate in homeschool co-ops, dance and sports.

About 2,000 kids are homeschooled in Frederick County and more than 2-million kids go to school at home nationwide.

Ashlyn and her sisters are starting their school prep now because their homeschool year is right around the corner.

Their mother, Krista Thomas, is the former editor of "Homeschool Frederick" Magazine and to read the magazine click here.

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