Humane Society Releases New Mission Statement

- HAGERSTOWN, Md. - The Humane Society of Washington County has been making headlines recently.

On the outside, not much appears to have changed at the Humane Society, but behind the scenes, there have been some significant changes over recent weeks.

A few weeks ago, we told you about a former employee who filed a lawsuit against the shelter, citing several instances of animal abuse.

Then, the Executive Director, Michael Lausen, stepped down, and the organization is now operating under an Interim Executive Director, Ellen Taylor.

But Humane Society officials said they are confident Taylor will lead them in a positive direction.

"Ellen's been a wealth of knowledge. She believes in our mission, and we're just moving forward with finding as many animals forever homes as possible," said Kirk Livers, marketing coordinator for the HSWC.

The organization has also released a new mission statement. They said it was in the works before Lausen resigned. 

"I think our Board of Directors really wanted to revamp our mission statement and talk about it in more of a positive aspect of what the HSWC does in the community," said Livers.

The old mission statement focused more on  finding forever homes for the animals, which he said is important, but not their only goal.

"But then we realized that we are also a charity, we're also here to educate the public as much as possible. So I think educating on spay and neutering, and being responsible pet owners, is really, really valuable for the community. It's going to help reduce the amount of over population that we see," said Livers.

Officials said they want to continue to be an active presence in the community despite recent changes. And again, they said this new mission statement is a more positive statement meant to reflect the educational outreach done by the Humane Society in the community.

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