I-81 Road to Freedom for Shelter Dogs

HAGERSTOWN, MD - For some dogs, Interstate 81 Northbound is the road to freedom.

It's a little like the Pony Express, but it's the Puppy Express, a second chance for dogs who no one thought would be alive today.

After rescues save dogs, who would otherwise be put down, Movin' On Up Animal Transports drives them north.

They take them to shelters that have space for them until they get adopted.

Drivers pick the dogs up at highway exits, often in Winchester, Hagerstown and Chamberbsurg. Each driver takes the dog to the next checkpoint.

One recent trip brought two dogs about 1,400 miles. A pit bull named Little River and a mix Poppy, were taken from North Carolina to shelters in Vermont and Maine.

"It's very emotional," says rescuer Crystal Wilkinson. "Sometimes it's worse than others. Today I've got tears in my eyes because they're just so sweet, I mean they're all good dogs, but there are just some that really capture your heart."

If you want to get involved, visit the Yahoo group page, or email resqwatch@yahoo.com.

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