Ice Storm Leaves Thousands Without Power in Frederick County


FREDERICK, Md. - Thousands throughout Frederick County have been without power in their homes since the heavy cold and ice moved through the region Wednesday. 

And even though the storm has passed, the impact it's having on their everyday lives continues from signal lights not working, to giant tree branches hanging.

While Potomac Edison crews are working around the clock to bring power back to the city as quickly as possible, officials say it hasn't been easy reaching all the areas without power due to road conditions and other related obstacles.

"With the cold temperatures we have difficulty getting to some of the locations due to ice and roads and debris in some of the roads and in remote areas. So it does propose more challenge for us with the snow and ice," says James Sears of First Energy.

Residents on Rockville Terrace, say they've been without power for at least a day, but are hopeful they will be getting power back sometime this week.

Besides power outage their affecting everyday conveniences,

"I don't like not having power because I can't charge my phone and I can't eat at the house. So I go to McDonalds and I take showers at the YMCA," says Nick Combs of Hood College.

Frederick County residents say it's also affecting their job duties.

"We're all addicted to the internet. My husband works from home. So it's been problematic. My friend across the street works from home. She's without power. Nicole up the street works from home. She's without power," says Meta Nash, a Frederick Resident.

Officials with Potomac Edison say the majority of their customers should have power restored by midnight Friday with the most hard-hit areas by Saturday. 

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