Illinois Residents Surveying Damage from Tornado Outbreak

- WASHINGTON, ILLINOIS (WHAG) - A little over 24 hours after a violent tornado outbreak struck the mid western portions of the United States, folks in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky are still coming to terms with how this happened, before the clean up can begin.

"I said, 'This isn't right.' It's not thunder, it just kept coming, getting louder. So, I was in the basement and about 10 seconds later, I felt the house shaking and waiting about a minute. I came back up and saw what you're seeing here", said Curtis Mack, a resident of Washington, Illinois.

Another tornado survivor tells us,"We just stood in the hallway where there were no windows and held each other. It was that quick."

And even though an EF-4 tornado was tearing through Central Illinois, one man who survived the storm says even though he was taking shelter, he could feel his house falling apart around him.

Joey Davidson, who also survived the tornado says, "I could feel everything that was hitting me. I know it was cinder blocks, and trusses, you know very surreal at one point I thought I was a goner."

And as folks begin the process of rebuilding, this community might have been shattered by a storm, but one that could never be torn apart.

"We're a resilliant community. We're going to try to bounce back from this. Ran into one of the football coaches in one of my tours today, asked him about the game, and he said... The kids don't care. They're worried about their community. That's what this community is about."

Even though homes have been reduced to piles of splintered wood, this community is still intact in ways that really matter.

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