Investigation Continues Into Shooting Near Shippensburg University


SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. - Police are continuing their investigation into Sunday morning's shooting outside an off campus apartment building next to Shippensburg University.

Authorities say about 400 people attended a party at College Park Apartments, located just yards away from the University’s football stadium.

They say the party formed after a step show at the university. Students say the dance competition called "Statewide" usually draws in many people from out of town who then stay in Shippensburg to party.

"Things got out of hand and there was a confrontation, and one thing led to another and there was a gunshot, which was a bit of a shock for all of us,” said Shippensburg University student Adam Sarura.

Investigators say the male victim, Dejuan Thompson, 23, of Philadelphia, was shot in the arm and was taken to the hospital. 

Many students say the shooting surprised them. They were alerted by the university via text message.

The university declined to comment on camera but gave WHAG this statement:

“When the university was informed of the incident we initiated our text alert system and a warning was sent to the alert system users making them aware of the incident and to urge them to take safety precautions in the area of College Park. We also posted information on our webpage and sent an e-mail with the information. The university uses this system whenever there is a potential danger to the campus or members of the campus community. Even though the incident happened at an off-campus apartment complex that is not owned or connected with the university, a number of students do live there so we wanted them, and all members of the campus community, to be aware so they could take appropriate precautions. The university is always concerned with the safety of all members of the campus community and will continue to make them aware whenever needed of potentially dangerous situations.”

Although news of the shooting shocked many, some students say they think it was an isolated incident and still feel safe at the university.

"I feel like it was a fluke,” said Sarura. “And the gun shooter was probably not someone who goes to the school."

"I do feel safe,” said Shippensburg University student Walter Martinez. “I know there are a lot of state troopers and campus police around so I do feel safe. All I would say is just be alert at nighttime."

As of Monday afternoon, police could not give a specific update on the victim's condition.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Pennsylvania State Police in Carlisle at (717)-249-2121. 

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