Jeffrey Miles Testifies: Victim Was His Lover, Murder Was Unplanned


FRANKLIN CO, Pa. Jeffrey Miles Sr., who has admitted to killing a Hagerstown woman in 2010, took the stand in his own defense Wednesday, telling the courtroom he did not plan the murder.

Miles was charged with the homicide of Kristy Dawn Hoke back in 2010 days after Hoke was murdered on April 3rd. Just last month, he pleaded guilty to that charge.

For the past three days, Miles has been in court in front of a judge, who will decide if he should be convicted of first, second, or third degree murder.

Today, Miles told the judge he “didn’t mean to stab [Hoke].” He said the attack happened in a moment of passion.

Miles said in court he and Hoke had been in love and secretly dating since 2008 even while they were both involved with other people.

“She became my girlfriend at one point,” Miles testified, adding that he told her “multiple times” that he loved her.

Terrance Pepple, who lived with Miles and Miles’s then-girlfriend Sherry Walters in 2010 also took the stand.

Miles’s defense attorney Eric Weisbrod told WHAG Pepple’s testimony cast doubt on the theory that Miles killed Hoke because he thought she was the informant who had him busted for crack cocaine possession and dealing back in 2009.

On the stand, Pepple testified that Miles and Hoke had an emotional relationship that continued for 11 months after the drug bust.

Miles took the stand after Pepple and testified that on the night of the murder in 2010, they went to the woods (where Hoke was eventually murdered) to smoke crack cocaine and have sex. Miles testified that he lost his temper after Hoke received a phone call from her husband, who he thought was no longer involved with Hoke.

“I was stunned,” Miles said. “I don’t understand why that call would have come in…I though she was obviously trying to hide something from me.”

Miles said they started arguing and claimed Hoke hit her with the pair of scissors he later used to stab her. He said the scissors were used to fix a makeshift device for smoking crack cocaine.

Miles claimed he does not remember the stabbing. “I lost sound, vision, color,” said Miles.

He said he asked himself, “What did I just do?” when he saw Hoke on the ground. “I knew what happened was wrong…It wasn’t planned to happen.” said Miles.

The judge is expected to deliver a verdict tomorrow.

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