Cozy Restaurant Owner Speaks Out

- THURMONT, Md. - Following the closure of Cozy restaurant, some of the historic memborabilia that served as an integral part of the establishment and the Camp David Museum has been sold. The closure came as a shock to those who loved the eatery-museum duo but not in the way that it affected the Freeze family.

"My family has been probably more upset and emotional than I have because I come here everyday and work, but I imagine in a matter of time it will settle in and make a big difference and I'll really feel the shock," said Jerry Freeze, Cozy restaurant owner.

The restaurant, known for its delicious dishes and museum, has been in the Freeze family for decades. On Sunday, the Freezes reflected on good times at the establishment such as serving Winston Churchill, hosting international summits, and of course, forming bonds with lifelong customers, but after nearly three decades of owning and operating the location, Freeze is understandably tired.

"For months I've been asking him 'Please retire, this is just so overwhelming. It's just such a large use place and it's so demanding and you want to travel, so lets go,'" said Becky Freeze, wife of Jerry Freeze.

At 78-years-old, Jerry Freeze finally closed the doors of the family restaurant. The first step on the road to retirement.

"We have a couple of LLCs, corporations, couple of trusts, a proprietorship, we'll be getting rid of all of it," said Jerry Freeze.

Freeze says its time to close up shop, but he'll never forget the memories he made in the place he considers home.

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