Joint City-County Initiative Nets Two Arrests for Car Larcenies


WINCHESTER, Va. - The Winchester Police Department arrested two suspects Tuesday who were wanted by the Frederick County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators said Raekwon Watts and Raynard Johnson stole items out of several cars around Cannon Circle.

"Both us and the City have been having the same problem, so we've been in direct contact with each other, working hand in hand,” said Captain Donnie Lang with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

Through their joint efforts, the Sheriff’s Office was able to identify particular individuals of interest in the automotive break-ins, while the Winchester Police Department finished the job with the arrests.

Watts and Johnson were allegedly spotted by deputies during a routine neighborhood patrol around 3 a.m. on August 11, 2014. Both suspects were wearing dark clothes and carrying backpacks.

Deputies stopped Watts and Johnson, and they voluntarily allowed for their backpacks to be searched.

"Inside there were items that were consistent with items that were taken from out of a car; change, a lot of change, car chargers and the cords and some cell phones," said Lang.

During the search, Watts admitted to deputies that he had broken into several cars right before being detained, and stole items from inside them.

Deputies did not arrest Watts or Johnson on the scene, because they could not link the stolen items to particular individuals.

"At that particular moment [deputies] weren't able to pinpoint exact property stolen from a specific person, so they secured the items," said Lang.

Deputies took the phones, and later filed search warrants for information in the cell phones. The search warrants later lead to arrest warrants for both Watts and Johnson, who were charged with larceny.

They are currently being held at the Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center.

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