Jury Deliberating in Snyder Child Abuse Case

MARTINSBURG, WV - The jury began deliberating in the child abuse trial of Nathan and Christina Snyder in Berkeley County.

Attorneys presented their closing arguments Tuesday with some surprises.

The jury heard testimony from the kids that they were shot with a BB gun, burned with cigarettes, punched and choked at different times.

The defense for Nathan Snyder, the children's stepfather, pointed out the kids often said they couldn't remember details of things that happened. They also said their stories changed and at least one of the kids "outright lied" on the stand.

They pointed to a lack of photo evidence or other witnesses to the abuse.

The children's mother, Christina Snyder faces only two counts, related to shooting one child with a bb gun, and punching him.

Her attorney put forward a theory that the abuse was made up.

He says the children's father coached them on what to to say so he could get custody and stop paying child support.

The prosecution contends that the children's testimony speaks as the most powerful evidence itself.

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