Kickball Fundraiser Honors Wounded Smithsburg Soldier


HAGERSTOWN, Md. Just three months into his first deployment, Kevin Jaye suffered major injuries from a land mine explosion in Afghanistan.

He has been at Walter Reed for the past year and a half recovering.

"There's been a lot of bumps in the road and I’m not where I’d like to be, but you know I’m still here so I think that's what you've got to take out of the whole entire thing," said Kevin.

But despite his own recovery, Kevin is not letting anything get in the way of helping other wounded warriors.

He and his girlfriend Lauren Belliotti hosted a kickball tournament to raise money for Truckin 4 Troops, an organization that makes life a little easier for wounded warriors like Kevin.

"They modify trucks to take wounded warriors to trips and events and airports and they're crazy trucks with big screen TVs in it and they try to make it fund for the guys," said Lauren.

Kevin says raising money for Truckin 4 Troops helps raise awareness for injured soldiers who need help.

"We're battling every single day,” said Kevin. “We're not only battling over there but we're battling here now. You know, trying to get healthy, trying to be able to do normal things again."

Learning to do normal things like walk again is what Kevin has his mind set on.

"He works really hard,” said Lauren. “He goes to [physical therapy] every day. He puts so much effort into recovery and I’m definitely really proud of him."

Kevin and his girlfriend say they raised about $2,000 for Truckin 4 Troops.

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