Kid Vendors Set Up Shop At Farmers Market


CHAMBERSBURG, PA- More than a dozen kids were transformed into entrepreneurs for the day, as they sold handmade items to Chambersburg locals.

For just five dollars each, young vendors were able to set up shop at the North Square Farmers market for the first time this year.

"Kids are selling anything from paintings that they've made, jewelry, to duct tape items, which is really kind of neat," said market coordinator Julia Lehman.

Parents say "Kids’ Day" at the farmers market gives their children an opportunity to learn.

"I think the parents are seeing this all as a learning experience, which is just really great,” said Lehman. “Making change is math and customer service. Being able to communicate with customers."

Many of the kids agree they were able to practice some useful skills

Eleven-year-old kid vendor Danizel Florez said she learned "how to handle business and patience.”

But for these kids, the experience was about more than just learning. It also gave them a boost of confidence.

"It makes me feel good because they buy it and then wear it,” said Florez. “I see them wearing it and it makes me feel good."

Market coordinators say they want to host "Kids’ Day" every year.

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