Krumpe's Do-Nuts Celebrate Fat Tuesday with Fastnachts


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - A well known local treat is getting a little more extra attention this Fat Tuesday. Krumpe's famous fashnachts were in high demand. 

"If you get yourself a really warm donut, they are the best around, they really are,” said Marvin Wade.

For almost two days straight Krumpe's Do-Nuts employees rolled out more than 2,500 pounds of dough to make the traditional two square treat.

"We gear up and we have to get a lot of extra supplies in and get a lot of extra help to get family and friends to come in. And we have a ton of people working around the clock for 60 hours to get all the fastnachts made that we need, and we still can’t make enough,” said Co-owner, Fred Krumpe.

The cinnamon, glazed and powdered flavored donuts are sold before Ash Wednesday and owners say it is part of a long -time tradition.

“The tradition comes from the day before they would fast before lent. They would use up their old flour and make stuff to eat and the fastnacht was the Pennsylvania Dutch’s choice,” said Krumpe.

This year they expect to make more than 6,000 and customers said they have no problem standing in the cold to get their sugar fix.

“As I understand it, Krumpe's is the only place to buy donuts and it’s a tradition that I have heard about from a lot of people," said Wade.

Krumpe’s has been baking the fastnacht for more than 30 years. They say it’s nice to see people coming back for more after all this time.

"It humbles us that our customers are willing to stand in line for our product and when you see them bite into a nice hardy fastnacht and the expression on their face of enjoyment that’s what it’s about,” said Krumpe.

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