Less Trick and More Treat For Halloween Retailers

HAGERSTOWN, MD- The National Retail Federation predicts retailers will have less trick and more treat this Halloween season.

"A lot of people go absolutely insane when it comes to decorating their house with decorations," says Steve Needy, store manager of Party City in Hagerstown.

The survey says seven out of ten people will take part in Halloween this year.

"Just getting to be someone different for the day, you get to dress up and get in character and kinda get away with being someone else just for the day," says Amanda Luzioer, Halloween shopper.

According to the survey, the average person will spend $80 dollars on Halloween-related items.

"If you're coming in and just buying a costume and buying all the accessories it can be anywhere from $30- $50. But I've had people come on and spend $500- $800 just on props," says Needy.

"I think the most we've ever spent is $200," says Elizabeth Luzier, another Halloween shopper.

Whether it's costumes or party decorations, Halloween fanatics say they prepare for this holiday months in advance.

"We usually start in the beginning of August because we have a big party every year and we make sure to go to all the party stores in the area," says Luzier.

The National Retail Federation also reports spending on Halloween costumes for pets, mainly dogs, will hit a record $370 million this year.

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