LFCC Hosts United Nations Day By Addressing America's Issues

MIDDLETOWN, VA - The presidential election is just around the corner and Lord Fairfax Community College hosted United Nations Day to discuss some of America's most serious issues.

"The five permanent members of the security council along with a number of other nations formerly ratified the UN charter and so this was the day in 1945 the United Nations came into existence," says Curtis Morgan, a history professor.

Key speakers focused on economics, political science, healthcare and education. Students were able to understand the severity of these issues as well as discuss which candidate would best handle these issues come November.

"President Obama has shown leadership within the world on the world stage and I think he is the best option for promoting peace in the world," says Kathy Girard, a senior at LFCC.

Meanwhile, some believe the lack of employment needs to be taken care of immediately.

"Definitely need to address the national debt, need to take care of, not so much take a loan out or anything, I know that can't happen but get some people employed, stop outsourcing the jobs that we have and start supporting ourselves," says Liz Halterman, a freshman at LFCC.

As for history professor, Curtis Morgan, he was more concerned with healthcare stability worldwide.

"I am in favor of anything that promotes health, that promotes fighting diseases around the world. There's a lot more that can be done. One of the messages that we try to put forward today is that each one of us can make a difference," adds Morgan.

This event also gave students a chance to consider global career paths for their future. This is the first year LFCC has held this and the college bases many of its courses on international and global issues.

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