Local Boys & Girls Club Welcomes Facility Upgrades


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - After 700 man hours and help from 26 local businesses, the Boys and Girls Club of Chambersburg has a fresh new look thanks to a local church.

The Chambersburg First Church of God completely upgraded the facility for free, providing new furniture, technology and toys.

"I would say we needed it pretty badly. It was hard to come in here and see the facility in the condition that it was,” said Cressa Coldsmith, executive director of the Boys and Girls Club of Chambersburg. "[The church] did some painting, they did some cleaning, a lot of reorganizing, and assembling all the new furniture and equipment.”

Now that the club has been made over, they're hoping more kids in the community will come take advantage of their programs.

"We are an extension of the [kids’] home,” said Coldsmith. “You know, a place where they are welcomed, where they are embraced for who they are and where they continue to learn and grow...They light up as soon as they walk through the door."

In addition to furniture and technology, the club also received new games and art supplies, something the kids are looking forward to using this summer.

"[The kids] were very excited to see the TVs on the walls and see the colors popping off the walls,” said Tara Cole, and employee at the club. “It's something that they can be proud to come into."

And now that this Boys and Girls Club has a new and improved space, they say their future potential is in sight.

"I really feel like this gives us that step to take our organization to the next level,” said Coldsmith.

The Boys and Girls Club of Chambersburg also works very closely with the club in Shippensburg. They are hoping they will be able to open up a bigger facility for the Shippensburg kids within the next three years. Currently, the Shippensburg Boys & Girls Club is operating with limited space at local schools.

For more information about how you can get involved or volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club, click here.

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