Local Fire Community Remembers Fellow Firefighter


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - The four-state region is still absorbing the horrible accident that happened Wednesday morning, after a snow squall created a whiteout and nearly 50 cars crashed on Interstate-81.

Two people were killed, including a dedicated member of the Washington County Volunteer Firefighter system.

"You couldn't ask for a better man," said Rick Blair, president of the Maryland Fire Chiefs Association.

"We're all volunteers and we all serve the same purpose and the Western Enterprise had a great loss yesterday, and we had a great loss here," said member of the Antietam Volunteer Fire Company.

The freak accident caused Wednesday morning by an unexpected snow squall has forever changed the Western Enterprise Fire Company. Their president, Mitchell Dobbins, 65, was killed in the violent crash.

"He was very family oriented, he loved his family, more than what people realized," said Blair. "He was a dedicated parent, grandparent and he loved his children and he also loved this department."

Dobbins has served the company as president for the past three years. He was on his way to the fire house when he was killed in the crash.

"He was still getting his feet wet, you know," said Blair. "It takes a while to become, you know, embedded as a president, a real good president and he was, you know. He had all the right tools to become a good president and he was working his way there."

Community members said that Dobbins was one of the cornerstones for the fire company and on Wednesday afternoon, they lost more than just a president but a dedicated service member to this community.

"You know to be a volunteer to donate yourself back to the community that speaks for itself," said Blair. 

Dobbin started his career at the Antietam Volunteer Fire Company when he was just 16-years-old and on Thursday, members of both companies draped their fire houses in black to honor their fallen friend and fellow firefighter.

"And we're all gonna miss him because was a great guy," said member of the Antietam Volunteer Fire Company.

"You know we're. I'm lost for words really. Mick had a lot of dream," said Blair. 

Community members say Mitchell Dobbins will be honored as firefighter and also recognized as a military servicemen during his funeral services. Dobbins served with the U.S. navy as well.

Our thoughts are will the Dobbins family and the Washington County Fire Community.

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