Local Firefighter & Dispatcher Battling Cancer Gets Community Support

FREDERICK, MD - A local firefighter and 911 dispatcher who has spent his life saving others is now fighting for his own life as he battles cancer.
For nearly half a century, Bill Wiegel has been saving lives in Maryland, both as a firefighter and as a 911 dispatcher in Frederick County.
"Bill has been very active in the fire services, as the chief in Rockville, and when he moved in Frederick he was an active volunteer for many years, and then when he moved in Washington county he was even a member over at Funkstown," says Chip Jewell, the director of Frederick County Emergency Communications,
Bill is 66-years-old and doctors say he has a rare and aggressive cancer called Sarcomatoid Mesothelioma.

"Mesothelioma comes from Asbestos. And Asbestos was around in the 60s and 70s, which was the peak time dad was joining the fire service," says Bill's daughter Merry Meyer.
And now, his family is asking the community to show their support, by donating what they can at fundraisers like this one.
"It's metastasized to his brain, which about less than ten people in the nation has," says Meyer.
Merry Meyer says her dad could've been the one who's helped when you needed it most, and now she's doing the same.

"He's been active in the fire department over and above his duty as a 911 communicator," says Jewell.
"We're asking the community come out and support him as he has supported the community for fifty year of his life and so many people that he's potentially saved either from a fire or 911 call," says Meyer.
Funds the family raises will support the man's Chemotherapy treatments at John Hopkins Hospital.
"He is bound and determined that he is going to be the breakthrough and who am I to say he's not he could be the miracle I don't know," says the man's daughter.

Bills family says he started volunteering as a firefighter at 16-years-old. They say he was a volunteer in Walkersville and Funkstown, and was the Chief in Rockville. For the last 24 years he has been a 911 dispatcher in Frederick County.
The family will hold another fundraiser on June 29th at Rita's of Frederick. You can also donate online at ppfinc.org by searching for Bill Wiegel.

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