Local Hospitals Prepare for More Flu Cases

CHAMBERSBURG, PA - Local hospitals say they're seeing a big jump in the number of flu cases this week, as the virus becomes more widespread.

Three-year old Brody just tested positive for the flu, and he's not alone.

"I'm not surprised since I work in the medical field," says his mom, Melissa Wampler. "The daycares have it and he has an older sibling in school, so all of its being carried around everywhere."

After a mild flu season last year, the CDC says this could be one of the worst seasons in years.

"It really picked up after the first of the year," says Dr. Thomas Anderson. "Just the last week or two."

Emergency rooms across the nation are packed, but Dr. Anderson says, Chambersburg Hospital is handling the increase. He says officials meet several times a day, to monitor the situation.

"There is a limit to capacity and we do the best we can to keep things moving," he says.

Doctors say most people who have the flu shouldn't be at their local hospital or urgent care. The best place for them to be is at home.

"For a typical individual in good health who gets the flu, they can stay at home and treat themselves with Tylenol, rest and lots of fluids," says Anderson.

Health officials do say the flu vaccine is a good match for the strain circulating this year.

Flu season typically runs through march so experts say it's definitely not too late to go out and get the flu shot.