Local Learning Center Committed to Helping Children Succeed

- HAGERSTOWN, Md. - The sounds of children screaming and giggling can be heard from The Learning Center on Virginia Avenue.

Owned and operated by Meritus Health, The Learning Center has been licensed for about 27 years.

"It's an early childhood environment and it's a family atmosphere here. Everyone's like family, and if we get a child as an infant and keep them through Pre-K, we know the family very well, and often come back to visit us," said Christy Lewis, director of The Learning Center.

Recently, The Learning Center has been awarded with Maryland Excels Check Level Five by the Maryland State Department of Education.

This proves the center is highly committed to help children succeed through the programs they offer.

Even many of the children there offered their two cents on their experience.

"I stay still when I'm listening to circle time. I stay still when it's lunch time. I stay still when it's snack time," said Camille Frail, student.

"Oh! And coloring, and learning and going on field trips and science!" said Nicholas Blythe, student.

"You get to do people's hair and you get to play!" said Lauren Tisdale, student.

The center has been a long-serving staff that has stuck around to provide quality childcare.

If you are interested in enrolling your child at The Learning Center, an open house is being held Thursday morning and evening time.

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