Local Presidential Viewing Party

FRANKLIN COUNTY, PA - Millions across the country tuned in for the presidential debates, including viewers from Pennsylvania.

"That's part of the debate excitement," says John Cook, Chair of the Waynesboro Area Democratic Club. "It's almost like a sports team and there's a lot of issues that they put forward"

The Democratic Club in Waynesboro had a viewing party rooting for Barack Obama.

However, Franklin County has more Republicans with Mitt Romney even made an appearance here in the spring.  They said they'd watch from home.

"Nearly everyone I've talked to they're going to be watching with great interest," says Dwight Weidman, Chairman of Franklin County Republican Party. "We have a few people that said you know they're afraid to watch it. It's kind of a kin to watching a tight football game."

At the Democratic viewing party, viewers looked onto the president intently, keeping tally of his words.

"I think it's important to have the voters informed of the issues to find out where we're going in the election and the next four years," says Cook.

Many looked for specific answers from the man running for his second term. Some were curious to see how Governor Romney would retaliate.

"He's also got a chance to take it to the president and call him out on some of his failed policies for the last four years," says Weidman.

As the two battled on issues of healthcare, the economy and jobs onlookers said it was a good match.

The next presidential debate will be on October 16th. Questions will come from undecided voters.

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