Local Soldier Honored, Suffered Severe Injuries in Explosion


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Sgt. Kevin Jaye of the U.S. Army 3rd Infantry was honored at the Discovery Station in Hagerstown on Saturday for his service in the military. He's a graduate of Washington County Technical High School.

"There's really no way else to explain it just that it's awesome to see people from my hometown come and just recognize me," Jaye said.

Jaye was severely injured in Afghanistan on June 24, 2012 after stepping on a landmine.

"It was just something that was just a couple inches under the earth, Jaye said. "I think when somebody else stepped on it, it started a timer. When I ultimately stepped on it, this happened."

Kevin had his right pinky finger amputated, his left hand and wrist was heavily damaged, and he had a ruptured right ear drum, which is now fully recovered. However, that was just some of the slighter injuries he suffered.

"I hurt my right leg below the knee," Jaye added. "That was immediately taken off. My left leg was immediately damaged, lots of breaks. (My left) ankle was completely shattered."

Jaye is still going through rehab at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for his left ankle. With Memorial Day weekend here, he mentions this holiday isn't just about people like him.

 "It is about all the people that are serving, but it's also I think more so about the people who are no longer with us," Jaye said.

Also making an appearance was Miss Historic Maryland Audi Colombo and other veterans to show their support for Jaye. He said he hopes to make a full recovery in a few months once his left ankle heals completely.

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