Local Stores See Influx in Snow Removal Equipment Sales

- MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - Winter weather has arrived in the four-state region and over the last few days, the snow has not seemed to stop.
"It's pretty bad, I got six inches of snow," said Ted McDonald, Inwood resident.
"I mean today, coming down the road, it was 20 mph," said Barbara Sine, Martinsburg resident.
As roads began to clear up Monday, more snow blanketed the region which means more shoveling and more snow equipment.
"It's just a lot of shoveling," said McDonald.
While the two snowstorms has not been the worst, it has been awhile since residents has seen two storms in a row.
"It's been awhile since we've had winters like this and hopefully this is not a repeat of the winters back in the 60's when we had every three or four days a snowstorm but I think this has gotten people's attention," said Roger Engel, Martinsburg resident.
Not every store saw large sales of snow removal equipment but Boltz's Hardware on Winchester Avenue saw a high demand.
"Very busy yesterday. We had people lined out the doors," said Anthony Wright, owner of Boltz's hardware.
The store had to buy more stock of snow shovels to keep up with the influx of sales.
"I'm buying a shovel. I put it off and put it off and I waited until the last minute and no one has any hardly," said Sine.
"Ice melt, snow snovels and another log in the stove make a good day," said Engel.
Boltz Hardware has been serving local residents since 1905 and they say it is the best to melt the ice before temperatures continue to drop.

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