Local Vineyard Receives Top Honor


FRONT ROYAL, Va. -  The Virginia Vineyards Association has handed out their Grape Grower of the Year award.

After being in the industry for 21 years, owner Jeff White of Glen Manor Vineyards was this year's recipient.

"The history of this farm, it's been in my family for 113 years and I started the vineyard in an effort to make the farm profitable."

The association hands out only one award every year, and selects the winner based on a number of qualifications.

"We’re trying to not just grow grapes but grow quality grapes, premium grapes, that can be competitive and stand up against great wines from all around the world."

They look at things like the longevity of a vineyard, and the owner's dedication to the science and research behind growing better grapes.

"I opened my vineyard up to the Virginia Tech Fruit Research Station. Dr. Tony Wolf is the leader out there, and they've been running various research within my vineyard and other vineyards within the state."

Glen Manor offers tasting of their seasonal wines year round. For more information, click here

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