Male Students Move into Wilson College Dorms for First Time


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - New students at Wilson College moved into their dorms Wednesday, and for the very first time in the school's history, men are allowed to live on-campus.

This year, the 24 undergraduate male residents make up about 14 percent of the incoming student population. The college started accepting male undergraduate students last year, but this is the first time they will be allowed to live in campus dorms.

"I think it just gives it a new perspective to pretty much every situation,” Wilson College student Albert Bruce said.

“It's an exciting experience to be some of the first males on the campus,” Wilson College Student Kiefer Jefferson-Grimes said.

Although enrollment figures not final yet, there are currently 148 new students registered, which is almost 50 percent higher than last year.

Wilson College officials said they have not seen enrollment numbers this high since 1970. They say co-ed recruitment did play a part in increased enrollment.

"It brings a lot more students in. It's a small college so it helps if there's going to be more students here,” Wilson College student Colyn Heim said.

However, the higher numbers are also a produce of more programs and resources being offered at the college, according to Brian Speer, Wilson College Vice President of Communications and Marketing.

"The Wilson Today plan, which was approved by the Board of Trustees, really was a wide-ranging plan to help boost enrollment,” Speer said. “We've added academic programs, we've made infrastructure improvements. The student body and everybody else is every excited about where we are with this class and moving forward with the Wilson Today plan."

A group of Wilson College alumnae went to the Pennsylvania Board of Education earlier this year to challenge the school's decision to go co-ed. The outcome of the hearing that took place in June is still pending.

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