Man Charged with Secretly Videotaping Teen Girl

MARTINSBURG, WV -  A Berkeley County man is accused of secretly videotaping a teenage girl in a high school dressing room. As it turns out, the person who found the incriminating evidence in tapes and DVDs was his wife at the time.

The man charged is 43-year-old Brent Grubb. His now ex-wife, Tari Jo Grubb, tells us she is the one who found the tapes and reported him to the police.

Tari Jo is currently the owner of Tari Jo's Dance Studio. She talked to WHAG about the day she discovered her then-husband had videotaped her young dance student, but says she was too upset to go on camera.

She says her ex-husband videotaped one dance student and her friends when they were visiting her home to swim in her pool.

Another incident happened inside Martinsburg High School during a dance performance. It was in June 2011, when school was out.

The space was being rented by the dance studio at the time and the girl was changing her clothes when the hidden camera caught her partially nude on tape. It was Tari Jo who found the tapes and called the police.

She says they show her then-husband clearly installing the camera in the dressing room.

Brent Grubb is now charged with a felony count of attempting to produce obscene matter. He faces up to three years in prison.

In the year since it happened, Tari Jo divorced her husband. Tari Jo also told WHAG she now has a restraining order against her ex-husband.

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