Frederick Mom Allegedly Served Marijuana With Sonic Order

- FREDERICK, Md. - A Frederick woman was served what appeared to be a bag of marijuana along with her Sonic fast-food order, Wednesday. 

"Deputies responded to talk to the complainant. She opened her bag of food and found the marijuana and I believe she was going to give the food to her children and she was able to not let that happen," said Lt. Jason Null, with the Frederick County Sheriff's Office.

The Frederick County Sheriff's Office confirmed Carla McFarland opened the bag of food she had ordered for her children and saw what looked like a bag of marijuana. On her Facebook page she clearly displayed her discontent with her experience at the fast-food location. In a post, McFarland said she was 'furious' and 'still in shock.' A sentiment other parents of small children agreed with.

"It's disappointing. It's a brand new restaurant and you have hopes of going and taking your family there and they've already set up a bad reputation within a month of being open," said Samantha Collins, a Frederick County mother of two.

Other parents on the other hand, considered the incident an isolated one.

"You know it really doesn't effect the way I feel about Sonic at all. I guess I'm glad it was investigated," said William Loeffler, a Frederick County father, who was visiting Sonic from Brunswick. 

Deputies with the sheriff's office say they later discovered that the alleged bag of marijuana belonged to a Sonic female employee who mistook the marijuana for a bag of ketchup.

"An employee did come forward and admit that it was her marijuana. After she made that admission to the manager in front of the customer, the manager made the decision to terminate the employee," said Null.

At this time, charges have not been placed against the employee but Maryland law states any amount of marijuana under 10 grams could result in a criminal citation to appear in court for anyone who can be positively identified.

"It maybe tested at a later date to find out exactly what it is. If it does come back as marijuana, she may be charged at a later date," added Null.

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