Marine Recruits Making the Cut in Martinsburg

MARTINSBURG, WV - Standards are higher than ever for Marine Corps recruits these days. As the U.S. pulls back from two wars the Marines are looking ahead to future challenges and local teens are the ones making the cut.

"As you can see, the individuals behind me, you gotta work," says GySgt. Daniel Harper. "The title of Marine is not given to you, so you have to earn it. "

These teens had to make the cut academically. They're in the delayed entry program, spending four to six months training, before they go to boot camp.

"Marine Corps preaches on doing the best you can, so that's what I did in school," says recruit Dillon Enright.

Dillon Enright graduated last year from Martinsburg High School. He'll ship out to boot camp in January.

All recruits must have a high school diploma or GED. They must also score well on the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery.

"Right now, in today's environment, we turn away more than we let in the doors," says Harper. "We're looking for a quality individual. We want the cream of the crop. Many years ago, it wasn't the case. Right now, our standards are very strict."

Standards have changed over the years in other ways as well. Recruiters say tattoos on certain areas of the body have prevented a number of hopefuls from joining up.

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