Martinsburg Doctor Under Review for Unethical Practices and Behavior


MARTINSBURG, W Va. - A lengthy report now outlines numerous complaints and allegations about some of the behavior that happened at West Virginia Weight and Wellness, Inc.

In July, a 31 page report released by the West Virginia Board of Medicine accused Dr. Tressie Duffy of breaking countless medical and ethical laws and standards from 2010 to 2013. 

"There's a variety of apparent behaviors and things that occur within any profession including physicians unfortunately. It's an extremely small percentage of licenses but unfortunately it does occur," said Robert Knittle, Executive Director for the West Virginia Board of Medicine.

Dr. Duffy is accused of unprofessional work behavior including repeatedly exposing herself at the office and forcing a female co-worker to "motorboat" her breasts.

This report also claims that while she was out of the office for vacation or medical conferences, Dr. Duffy would leave pre-signed blank prescriptions for her non-physician office staff to use and instruct them to prescribe medication to her patients in her absence.

The report states Duffy allegedly told her office staff to charge patients for a visit without seeing a physician if they wanted to receive a prescription while she was away. When questioned about this billing policy that report states "Dr. Duffy advised her staff that if patients wanted prescriptions badly enough, they would pay for the office visit."

Many of these prescriptions were for Xanax, Oxycodone, Opana and Valium. She's also accused of ordering medication for "office use" and using these medications for her own person use. According to the report, in 2011, 2012, and 2013, "Dr. Duffy self-prescribed controlled substances, including prescriptions for testosterone and Suboxone."

Board officials said they take allegations like these seriously.

"When there are concerns I think it's our responsibility as the board to you know try to make sure citizens when they do go a physician, have some confidence that, that person is well qualified and professional in their manner and conduct," said Knittle.

Duffy's attorney, Lisa Lilly told WHAG that Dr. Duffy has denied all allegations of wrongdoing and has asked that the complaint be dismissed. In a written statement, Lilly said "Dr. Duffy, through her counsel, Martin and Seibert, L. C. are currently investigating the actions of the Board and its counsel and the underlying intent for the inclusion of specious and defamatory language in the Complaint solely to inflame the public, secure public attention to the WVBOM, and to personally and professionally embarrass Dr. Duffy."

"Dr. Duffy prefers that this matter be resolved based upon the facts and merits and not unsupported allegations of anonymous complainants," according to a written statement from Lilly.

The Board of Medicine will meet on November 17 for a three day hearing where they'll determine whether to accept, reject or modify the report's findings.

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