Martinsburg Meth Lab Close to Schools, & Rec Center

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - Late Tuesday afternoon Martinsburg Police confirmed that the early morning house fire was the location of a suspected meth lab. The incident has left many concerned but especially parents since the explosion happened just behind a local recreation center. 

"It's very scary. It's just too close to home, the children here. It's sad," said Melissa Cross, Martinsburg parent. 

The suspected meth lab operation is located on Athletic Street, just blocks away from two Martinsburg schools. 

"And it's very unfortunate that I'm not surprised for that reason but the fact that it's so close to our schools and where our children go to do dance and gymnastic lessons, that's very unsettling," said Teena Hine, Martinsburg parent. 

"You know I go by this way several times a day to pick up and drop off my daughter at the elementary school that's right around the corner so that's really, really crazy and scary that it's a meth lab," said Latoya Parks, Martinsburg parent. 

Some parents say this meth lab is part of a growing drug problem in the area. 

"The drugs here are bad. I read about it and hear about it and just wish there was something we could do to change  that you know. We don't need that in our community," said Cross. 

And it's an incident that police say was suspicious from the start.  

"It is being labeled as suspicious, there were occupants inside the trailer when it caught on fire apparently and they got out before we got there so there was nobody to talk to whenever we arrived," said Lt. Brian Yost with the Martinsburg Police Department. 

No one was injuried in the fire but the family's dog died and the home is a total loss. 

This is an ongoing investigation and police say they are still searching for the suspects.

If you have any information please call the Martinsburg Police Department at (304)-264-2100. 

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