Martinsburg Quarterback Officially Eligible to Play

- MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - Officials say Bulldogs’ senior quarterback Malique Watkins is officially eligible to play after the SSAC held a hearing with Watkins on the matter, where new information was revealed.

The senior was initially ruled ineligible by the SSAC last month, but a court injunction had allowed Watkins to continue playing, despite being ruled ineligible. The ineligibility stated, "A student held back one year in sixth, seventh, or eighth grade without failing shall lose the fourth year of eligibility after entering ninth grade.”

Officials say during a hearing held by the SSAC last Thursday it was discovered Watkins was actually retained and confirmed by the central office, according to Berkeley County policy. They say this means Watkins is actually eligible to play. 

This information had not been readily available to WVSSAC officials. However, after the hearing officials say they were able to make the final call. 

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