Martinsburg VA Medical Center Under Investigation


BERKELEY COUNTY, W.Va. - The VA Medical Center in Martinsburg will be the subject of further investigation by the federal government. This comes in the wake of a federal audit where members are looking into long wait times and administrative misconduct. 

Several other facilities across the country are also being inspected further. 

Officials in Martinsburg say they have no idea what the further inspection will entail.

According to officials at other facilities in the country, “VA medical center employees cited increased demand for services and patient no-shows and cancelled appointments among the factors that lead to delays.”

They say the system is trying to cope with an influx of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, many of whom have missing limbs and other battlefield injuries that require complex care, and the rising need of Baby Boom Vietnam era veterans for the medical services that come with advancing age.

For more information on this issue, click here for NBC News Network's article. 

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