Maryland International Film Festival 2016 returns to Hagerstown

This year is the 5th annual Maryland International Film Festival

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Just six years ago, a local film director moved from California to Hagerstown and brought an idea to the area that reminded her of home.

Today, Tracey Hovey is the executive director of the Maryland International Film Festival.

She teamed up with locals in Hagerstown to put on an event that brings celebrities and filmmakers under one roof.

"I connected with Tom and a few other movers and shakers, and we made it happen. It’s been a real fun ride. We started with 50 films our first year and now we are up to 150,” Hovey said.

This year is the 5th annual Maryland International Film Festival that will be held in Hagerstown at the Maryland Theater.  

The festival will consist of a number of judges and filmmakers who will present and compete in a film contest.

"We have over 550 films represented with filmmakers, directors, crews, actors - that kind of thing - coming to Hagerstown. This is a big deal," said Tom Riford, film festival president.

The event will also feature a guest of honor whose roots stem pretty close to Hagerstown.

"Scott [Gardenhour] is a Smithsburg High School 1979 graduate who went out to Hollywood and started with small jobs and now is an executive producer of films and a director - and really is kind of a big shot in the Hollywood industry," Riford stated.

The film festival will be held April 1 through April 3 and will feature a jam packed weekend of celebrity guests, red carpets and surprises.

To order your tickets, head to the festival's website or download the new Maryland International Film Festival app.

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