Maryland Residents and Officials On Standby For Hurricane Sandy

HAGERSTOWN, MD -  Some residents are still recovering from Hurricane Irene and now, locals are finding themselves bracing for Hurricane Sandy.

"I've got plenty of canned goods, I've got plenty of water and everything. We got flashlights and batteries, so we know the routine, we've been through it," says Joe Morrison, a Hagerstown resident.

"Lots of canned goods, water, we do have flashlights, candles, we don't have a grill to cook outside but we're just praying because we think the rental guy has a generator," adds Hagerstown resident, Christi Morrison.

This storm could bring high winds, flooding and even power outages.

"People will often use generators. Those generators need to be away from a house so the exhaust doesn't fill their houses with  carbon monoxide. A lot of recent incidents in the United States, we've seen several fatalities from carbon monoxide," says Douglas DeHaven, fire marshal of the Hagerstown Fire Department.

The city is reminding everyone to carry the necessary supplies as a precaution.

"Extra food, batteries for the flashlight, batteries for radios, keep your cell phones charged up or ipods or other electronic devices, so the head communication can see and get the information," adds DeHaven.

While Sandy is expected to intensify as it moves closer to the East Coast, utility providers and community officials are ready to respond.

"We, as the department, is going to be ready. It's just that what point here as the rest of us. Will the storm make its shift? Is it going to be north of the United States like some models are still showing?" adds DeHaven.

Before the storm arrives, everyone is also encouraged to rake all leaves to allow water to drain.

Our meteorologists will continue to track this storm to provide you with the latest weather updates on what to expect.

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