Maryland State Police Arrest More Drunk Drivers

HAGERSTOWN, MD - Police say drunk driving arrests have been increasing since November.

"There were 47 impaired drivers arrested in Washington County [in November]," says Lt. Tom Woodward of Maryland State Police. "Already through the 26th of December, there's been 50 people arrested for impaired driving."

Many arrests happen through saturation patrol, with more officers out watching the roads.
Police always see the spike around the holidays, at the worst time of the year for road conditions.

"We're going to have additional personnel on grant-funded overtime to try to make sure the roadways are safe, by finding the people impaired and hopefully getting them stopped," says Woodward.

In Washington County, one third of the 24 fatal crashes this year have been alcohol-related.

Woodward encourages party-goers to plan their rides home beforehand, because once they're already drinking without a plan, it's easy to make a bad decision.

"Alcohol impairs a person's ability to make a good judgment," says Woodward. "So if they try to make that judgment after they've started drinking then they end up driving impaired."

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