Maryland Theatre Invites in Motorcycles for Bike Week

HAGERSTOWN, MD - For perhaps the first time, The Maryland Theatre is inviting in motorcycles.

As part of the first annual City Center Bike Night, this Friday's 'Wind Down' event is being enlarged to be included with the local Bike Week.

The event includes live music, food and drinks, a raffle, and has room for up to 1500 riders.

"You don't have to spend any money to come here," said Bike Week organizer and Maryland Theatre employee Kevin Karstaedt. "You can hang out on the square, listen to the music, and you don't have to pay to come into the Wind Down."

To enter the Theatre bar will cost $5, and the money will go to the theater to help them book bigger artists to the venue.

"The Maryland Theatre associated with the Maryland Symphony and cultural events are wonderful, I'm a huge fan, I'm definitely that kind of person," said Karstaedt. "But I also ride, and I build fast motorcycles and I horse around and have fun."

This unlikely union or motorcycles and theater is expected to bring in a large crowd, and goes from 5pm to 11pm this Friday.

You can learn more by clicking HERE.

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