Mayor-Elect Weighs in on Suns Stadium

HAGERSTOWN, MD- A longtime school counselor and now Mayor-elect, David Gysberts has a busy four years in front of him.

"I certainly don't plan on quitting my day job," says Gysberts. "But I'm certainly also going to commit myself to doing what I need to do to get the job of mayor done."

Gysberts unseated incumbent Mayor Bob Bruchey with 59-percent of the vote. A democrat and just 35-years-old, he says he hopes to bring a fresh vision to the city.

"Having a younger face be the representative of Hagerstown, I think will hopefully inspire people to come check us out and say 'hey, something new and exciting is happening in Hagerstown."

And as far as a new stadium is concerned, he says he's not even sure what's in play at the moment, but he doesn't want to rule out any locations yet.

"I just want to make sure we are looking at all of our options carefully and considering all the ramifications and really creating a plan that's going to have a very long-term public benefit," says Gysberts.

Another issue he will devote a great deal of time to is the one he works at everyday.

"It's really important that education be a focus because, not only does that create opportunities for people in their own lives, but really that's going to be what drives our economic development future."

Gysberts, along with the new members of city council, will be sworn in on November 27th.

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