MD Governor Candidate Visits Hagerstown

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Republican candidate for Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan, toured Western Maryland on Monday and made a stop at Bulls and Bears in Hagerstown. 

Hogan talked with residents about why he's running for governor. 

"You know I was really mad as heck and fed up with politics as usual in Annapolis and I was concerned about the direction. So it really wasn't a because of a desire to be something but i felt sort of an obligation that I needed to do something," said Larry Hogan, candidate for Maryland Governor. 

His goals include more job creation, growing the private sector and helping middle class families. 

During his visit, Hogan said he believes the concerns of Western Maryland voters are important and should be heard in Annapolis. 

"I hear a lot of frustration that really there's a huge disconnect between Annapolis and Western Maryland," said Hogan. "And that's one thing we gotta fix, we gotta pay a lot more attention here, we gotta help the folks here in Western Maryland, we gotta bring in some businesses and bring in some jobs and put people back to work."

Hogan ended his tour of Western Maryland in Frederick and he plans to make another visit to Hagerstown in the future. 

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