Md. Governor Hopeful Blaine Young Adds the 'Blaine Bus' to His Campaign

FREDERICK, MD - A prominent Frederick politician is one step closer to running for Maryland Governor.

Blaine Young, a Republican, added the 'Blaine Bus,' a 35-foot long tour bus, complete with a bed and shower.

"The bus is just to show that we're extremely serious, and we are going county-to-county holding house parties and various events," Young said. "We've held events in Washington County. We have one next week in Garrett County."

His slogan, 'The People's Veto,' appears on the bus.

"If I'm able to win the primary, win the general, and elected governor, I would be the people's veto," Young said. "I would be your veto on any new taxes or fees or regulations."

Young, who's president of the Frederick County Board of Commissioners, wanted to raise $300,000 by next January. He's already gotten around $500,000 for a run in 2014.

"I wanted to show people that I'm serious, and I'm capable of raising enough money in terms of seed money," Young said. "I've always thought it would take about a million dollars to run an effective, state-wide campaign in the primary."

Young says he plans to officially file as a candidate for governor next summer.

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