MD Native & "Argo" Author Presented at Golden Globes

KNOXVILLE, MD - After Ben Affleck's big win at the Golden Globes for Argo, there was a man he had to thank; Tony Mendez, the famous CIA Officer who wrote the book Argo is based on.

Mendez was a presenter at the awards. He returned home to Knoxville, Maryland Wednesday night from Los Angeles.

Mendez, as film-goers know, could have made the best-dressed list. He presented the trailer for Argo at the Golden Globes when he got the call from Warner Brothers.

Mendez was ready for the Globes, but he didn't expect Argo to shake up the awards like it did, upsetting the film Lincoln to win best picture.

"When we got best picture, then we were really surprised, it was stunning to have that happen," he says. 

It also took home the category for best director, won by Ben Affleck, who played Mendez in the movie.

"He always gives me a hug and says thank you for what you're doing for me," says Mendez of Affleck. "He's very personal the way he does it."

And the movie has boosted book sales. Argo was just released in paperback on Monday, six months early.

Mendez will prepare to attend the Oscars, where Argo is now a serious contender.

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