Md. Runners Train to Return to Boston Marathon without Fear


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Some of the members of the Cumberland Valley Athletic Club are training for another marathon. It’s the same marathon that last year ended in tragedy. The runners are lacing up their sneakers to go back to the Boston Marathon.

They say it was a race that they will never forget.

"We were in the van and right away our whole van shook, and right away I said that’s a bomb and Harley’s went by us; about 14 seconds later the van shook again and then you saw all the cops and you just knew something wasn’t right,” said Kathleen Luzier, Boston Marathon runner.

“We started to see people coming talking on their cell phones with panic looks on their faces and we knew something tragic had happened,” said Tim Fisler, Boston Marathon runner.

Now they are ready to go back.

"I wouldn't miss it no matter what, and to go back and to honor those that had lost their lives and those who can’t do it is a great tribute to them,” said Luzier.

Seven of the club's runners qualified for this year's Boston Marathon and they say returning will be an experience like none other.

“I think being there with the other 36,000 people and the people who actually didn’t get to finish last year because of the bombings and being there together, I think is going to be the big thing I get out of it,” said Tim Schuler, Boston Marathon runner.

Some of the members will be running for more personal reasons.

"This year I’m going to be running for the Penn State Children’s Hospital,” said Schuler. “My daughter was diagnosed with a disease a couple of years ago, and she almost passed away and the doctors there and the nurses saved her; and I decided to do that this year and try to raise some money.”

Their goal this year is to just run a great race and be safe doing it.

“The best runners from around the world come to race and mediocre runners like us can join and be apart of that race so that’s very big,” said Fisler. “It’s a testament that even terrorists can't stop runners from competing in their sport and being apart of it." 

Members of the Cumberland Valley Athletic Club have been running in the Boston Marathon since the 1960's. The 118th marathon is set for this Monday, April 21. 

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