Memorial Service Held for family involved in Murder-Suicide


FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - The grieving continues in Frederick County for the local family who died in a murder-suicide last week. On Tuesday night the three were remembered at a memorial service.

Investigators say the father, Benyam Asefa, 40, shot and killed his wife, Barbara Giomarelli, 42, and their three-month-old baby, Samuel Asefa, before turning the gun on himself last Wednesday.

Close friends of Benyam and Giomarelli and Samuel are not pointing fingers or blame in this tragedy. Instead they are asking the community for peace and understanding following the tragedy that unfolded. 

No immediate family members were present at the service, but it was a large showing with more than a hundred paying their respects.

We saw a lot of hugging, tears and sad smiles as close friends and extended family shared with one another their memories of Benyam, Barbara and baby Samuel.

Pictures were displayed all around the room of the three, including the family's five-year-old daughter who survived the ordeal.

While investigators have confirmed Benyam was the shooter, there was no animosity at the service and everyone was very respectful of both Benyam and Giomarelli's families.

We also got a chance to speak with the neighbor who called police with the daughter that tragic night. She tells us she loved the couple very much.

The community has stepped up with a fund for the five-year-old daughter. Click Here if you'd like to make a contribution.

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